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Q&A with Nóinín Crafts

I had a quick chat with Catherine from Nóinin Crafts about her amazing cross stitch pieces, and how pop culture has inspired much of her work. Here's what she said:

1.So, first of all, where are you based?

I live in North County Dublin.

2.What first got you into embroidery?

I was first taught embroidery by my 4th class teacher in primary school. I loved it from the moment I started doing it. I continued learning techniques in secondary school, and got into cross stitch when I was 18. I stitched traditional style pieces for years, but everything changed when I was introduced to the work of Julie Jackson (Subversive Cross Stitch) about 10 years ago.

3.What is your favourite technique?

Cross stitch will always be my up there! I was introduced to goldwork last year (by your good self!), and it's fast becoming my favourite technique. I love the tactile nature of it.

4.What is your favourite subject matter?

I love pop culture and geeky stuff, and I tend to stitch movie and TV based pieces. I love retro game influenced pieces too, because cross stitch really lends itself to the pixelated nature of older computer games.

5.Why do you stitch?

I stitch because I love it. I love the feeling of pulling thread through fabric. It's also very meditative and mindful. It has kept me (relatively!) sane over the course of the last 2 years of lockdowns, and I was grateful to have it.

6.And lastly, where can we find you?

I am on Instagram @noinincrafts, and on Etsy as NoininCrafts.


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