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Q&A with Sorcha O'Raw

I've admired Sorcha O'Raw's incredible goldwork pieces for a while now, so I asked her a few questions about how her embroidery journey started. Here's what she said:

1.So, first of all, where are you based?

Dublin, Ireland

2.What first got you into embroidery?

I got into embroidery in my last year of school. I'd done a continuous line drawing of a prop skeleton, I loved the drawing and wanted to do something more with it. I loved making things with my hands and had recently been making kind-of 3D drawings out of wire but this was too complicated for that. I thought why not draw it out with thread? I was hooked after that.

3.How did you learn to stitch?

My approach to embroidery was a bit sideways, in the beginning I treated it as painting with thread rather than a new medium. I picked up a few stitches in college and techniques such as tambour and goldwork while interning at Hand & Lock after graduating.

4.What is your favourite technique?

Goldwork and Tambour have been my favourites for a while but I'm beginning to miss my 'embroidery roots' of the silk shading type technique I began with.

5.What is your favourite subject matter?

I tend to embroider things and people rather than flowers or abstracts.

6.Why do you stitch?

In the beginning I got really into it because I loved the colour control you got with thread, no stressing trying to mix more paint to match the colour you were just using! I've always thought of it as a combination between painting and sculpture. I love image making but I also love working with my hands and embroidery to me is the combination of the two. I also love working in miniature and am very detail orientated which translates really well into embroidery.

7.And lastly, where can we find you?


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