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free patterns (click the image to download)

celtic bat halloween embroidery pattern.jpg

celtic bat
6 inch


sure look
4 inch

sure listen.jpg

sure listen
4 inch

tóg go bog é.jpg

tóg go bog é
(take it easy)
4 inch

spooky skeleton

Halloween Pattern
Spooky Skeleton
8 inch


4 inch

Mo Cheol Thú - free embroidery pattern

Valentine's Pattern
Mo Cheol Thú (You Are My Music)
4 inch

seanfhocail designs.png

ní saoirse go saoirse na mban
6 inch


International Women's Day Pattern
Celtic Venus
6 inch


Pride Pattern
GRÁ (love)
6 inch

celtic heart_edited.jpg

Valentine's Pattern
Celtic Heart
4 inch

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