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Q&A with Floral and Fred

I had a quick chat with Grace from Floral and Fred about her embroidery journey and those fabulous pet portraits! Here's what she said:

1.So, first of all, where are you based?

North County Dublin

2.What first got you into embroidery?

I'm always trying out new art forms and about 4 years ago I came across embroidery. It looked relatively cheap to get the bits and bobs needed to give it a go so I bought a hoop, thread and fabric online. The rest is history!

3.How did you learn to stitch?

I'm completely self taught. With embroidery, the more I do it, the more I learn - especially when it comes to my pet portraits. I follow a lot of other embroidery artists online and each had their own way of stitching. It's amazing to see how a simple needle and thread can be used to create such striking pieces.

4.What is your favourite technique?

Thread painting is my all time favourite. I just love picking out the subtle gradient shades and watching them blend together.

5.What is your favourite subject matter?

This is an obvious one! Dogs of course! I absolutely adore all types of animals and really enjoy when a customer asks me to stitch an animal I haven't done before. The funniest piece so far was a dog wearing a wig and a bow tie!

6.Why do you stitch?

I stitch because it allows me to focus all my attention on one thing. Embroidery is a very meditative process, it's easy to get carried away and stitch for hours and hours. I always find myself to be calm and relaxed when I am creating a pet portrait. Since focusing solely on pet portraits for the past 18 months, my love for embroidery has strengthened as I get to hear wonderful stories about the pets I am stitching!

7.And lastly, where can we find you?

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram under the handle @floralandfred or contact me by email at


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