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July Kit - Salmon of Knowledge

Over on Instagram a while ago I asked for your help with a fish design. Well, it's finally here! The July kit will be The Salmon of Knowledge.

Can you believe I used to draw out every single kit by hand!? Luckily for my fingers, I now get them all printed by the fabulous Pixalili based in Co. Donegal. We also have our usual DMC threads - I decided to go with some silvery-blues for the thread palette on this one, inspired by the scales of the salmon. Your needle are from John James, and hoops from Elbesee both based in the UK. We're also using beads in the July kit! Supplied by the brilliant Yellow Brick Road in Dublin. The only thing not provided in the kit is a scissors!

Have you heard of the Salmon of Knowledge? The Salmon of Knowledge (An Bradán Feasa) was magical fish in the River Boyne. It was said that whoever tasted it first would gain all the world's knowledge. You can read the full myth about the Salmon of Knowledge here.

We're stitching ogham writing in this kit again! But this time it's written out for you. In keeping with the myth, the letters spell out the word 'eolas' which is Irish for knowledge or information.

I think this would be a really nice kit to introduce you to embroidery. So if you've never picked up a needle and thread before, this one's for you! The whole design was very nearly just chain stitch and it's variations, to be honest. But then I added in some beading and a stitch we haven't done before in a Needle Nerd kit (pekinese stitch).

This is the first time I've added beads to an embroidery stitch for a Needle Nerd kit. I haven't seen beaded chain stitch done like this much before but I'll definitely be doing it again, I love the results!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how well @nailsbystaceycarter matched my nails to the July kit!?

There's 2 ways to get this kit. The first is by signing up to a Needle Nerd subscription. If you sign up before the 1st July 2023, you'll get this kit (at a discount!) delivered straight to your door and a new kit every 2 months after that.

If you missed the cut off for this kit, you can still pre-order it in the shop. Kits are always sent to Needle Nerd subscribers first. But a couple of weeks after that, they're released to everyone else! Order yours now at


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