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January Kit - Tóg Go Bog É

got the idea for this Kit while I was walking around the Dublin Tattoo Convention back in October.

You see, a handshake is something common to many cultures around the world. And it may be a lot older than you think! It's thought that it may have originated as a sign of peace, as it shows that the hand holds no weapons. Another possibility is that it originated as a symbolic gesture of mutual commitment to an oath or promise: two hands clasping each other represents the sealing of a bond.

One of the earliest known depictions of a handshake is an ancient Assyrian relief of the 9th century BC depicting the Assyrian king Shalmaneser III shaking the hand of the Babylonian king Marduk-zakir-shumi I to seal an alliance.

But as I said, I got this idea at a Tattoo Convention, not a history lecture. The handshake is a pretty common traditional tattoo design - symbolising the very same things mentioned above. Peace, loyalty, agreement, brotherhood. Though the tattooed versions often have a twist. One of the hands may be depicted as a demon or devil hand, or even a snake head, to remind you to be careful who you trust.

For this kit though, I decided not to get too deep! A simple handshake with the words 'tóg go bog é' (take it easy). Something you may say as you shake hands to part ways - or if you're partner is shaking too hard!

Now on to the stitches involved. I've tried to add a couple of new ones to keep you on your toes! We're starting off simple enough with some back and straight stitches. Chain stitch you may have done before too, but have you tried whipping it? Whipping is a technique where you pass thread through stitches, rather than through the fabric. You may have tried it before but I doubt it was in quite the same way. Pistil stitch is also a pretty uncommon one, but very similar to the French knot so hopefully it won't be too much trouble! And then finishing off with some tiny satin stitch.

And there we have it. the latest Needle Nerd kit, ready to go on the 4th January. Subscribe now to get it first, or pre-order here to get it in a couple of weeks!


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