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5 stitches for flowers

Embroidery without florals is like dancing without music! So I've put together this short list of stitches to help you achieve some blooming brilliant botanical stitching!

Click on the name of each stitch to see a video tutorial for it.

This is easily my favourite stitch for flowers! It creates a rose-looking flower with a bit of height. So it gives your piece an almost 3D effect! It's also really effective when done with silk ribbon.

Though it's commonly called a 'lazy daisy' this is actually a detached chain stitch. You can use them individually along a stem, like little buds. Or you can group them together as petals to make up a flower. As the name suggests, this often looks like a daisy.

As with the previous stitch, french knots can be spaced out individually as tiny flowers or buds. They can also be grouped together to create a larger flower. This stitch also has a great texture to it!

Satin stitch is brilliant for larger flowers or those with big petals. It gives a really smooth, satin-y look (as you may have already guessed!). Ideal for big blocks of colour, but you could also blend colours together or use a variegated thread for a really nice effect!

I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of bullion knots - but they can be really for flowers! Similar to some of the other stitches mentioned, they can be spaced out individually or grouped together for different results.

Are there other stitches you often use for flowers? Let me know in the comments! There's also lots of other stitch tutorials available in the video library here.


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