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I asked you what you struggle with in embroidery (part 3)

Last week I asked you what your biggest struggles are when it comes to are some more of things you mentioned.

Number 1: Finding the right fabric

Finding the right fabric can be difficult. Even once you decide what you want, where do you get it?

If you're working in a hoop, obviously non-stretch fabrics are best. You also don't want them to be too thin or they won't hold your stitches well. I generally work on craft cotton or linen. I mostly get my fabric from WM Trimmings, The Fabric Counter, and The Crafters Basket.

Number 2: keeping the fabric tight

Keeping the fabric drum-tight while you stitch really helps to give your work a more polished, professional look. But how do you keep it that way?

The type of hoop you're using is really important here. I only use wooden hoops that can be tightened with a screwdriver to make sure that fabric stays taut. You can find these hoops in the shop here.

You can also bind your hoops to help the fabric sit better.

Number 3: Lettering

Words are one of the most popular things people stitch, but they can be tricky to get right.

My top tips for stitching text are:

1. to keep your stitches small - this helps get around tight curves.

2. to stitch a letter the way you would write - your stitches will overlap in a natural way.

Script fonts (where the letters are joined together) are also a great way to get used to text.

Number 4: Picking colours

It's so tricky to know which colours look good together, especially if you're not familiar with colour theory.

This does get easier with practice and experience. While getting used to matching colours and training your eye, look for colour palettes online. You can search by colour or just by mood. There's a website called Stitch Palettes that can even tell you which threads to use.

Number 5: Where to start

So you've got a new design in front of you. Maybe it's a pattern you bought, maybe its your own creation. But where do you start stitching?

Honestly there's no right or wrong answer here. As a general rule, I start from the background and work forward. And certain stitches are easiest to do first (woven wheels, needleweaving). But really it's up to you!

At the very least, now you know you're not alone in your struggles!

I hope my small pieces of advice were able to help too though. Or maybe you have your own advice or experiences to share? Let me know in the comments


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