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So you bought a Mini Kit...

Now what?

Lets have a look at what's in here. You've got threads, needles, fabric, and maybe you added an embroidery hoop. What do you do with these?

Well, there's lots of videos to get you started right here on the website! If you've never stitched before there's videos explaining how to use all of the items here. Stuff like:

  • how to thread the needle

  • how to put the fabric in the hoop

  • which needle to use

and more!

Do you need anything else though?

You'll definitely need a scissors. A small one is best!

Ok, so you have your materials ready and you sort of know how to use them. But what to stitch!?

There's a couple of free designs available right here - or you can always create your own! Draw freehand on the fabric or trace the design using a lightbox or window. Get more tips on transferring your design onto the fabric in this blog post.

Now you have a design you like. It's on the fabric and everything. But which stitches do you use?

Once again, be alice has you covered! There's loads of stitch tutorials right here to help you out. Or you can always let fate decide and use the Random Stitch Generator.

And lastly - don't forget to share what you make with be alice! I love to see the wonderful creations you come up with or the variations on the free patterns. You can send me an email or tag me on social media if that's your thing

Happy stitching!



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