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5 Embroidery Stitches for Filling a Space

This is one of the simplest ways to fill a space. Brick stitch is done by stitching staggered lines of back stitch side by side. So once you know your back stitch you're good to go! Similarly, many line stitches (stem, chain, split) can be placed side by side to fill a space.

Another simple but very effective way to fill a small area. Long straight stitches are laid side by side to give a cohesive block of colour. The fewer threads used here the better, as they lie flatter on the fabric - I usually use just 2 strands.

This gives a similar effect to satin stitch, but allows you to fill a larger space. You can use a single row of long and short to give an uneven edge, or completely fill the space with overlapping stitches. It can also be used to blend different shades and colours together.

This is a lovely way to fill a space and still have your background fabric showing through. Long stitches are laid over each other to form a grid, then small stitches secure them at their intersections. You also have the option to make those securing stitches more elaborate, or fill in those small squares created by the grid.

Variation: Battlement

This is another one that lets the background fabric show through. Small straight stitches are done in all different directions to give the look of seeds thrown on the ground. You can also layer up these stitches to cover up that background fabric and create a beautiful textured effect.

What are your favourite stitches for filling a space?

For more tutorials, visit the video library.


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