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Dá fhada an lá tagann an trathnóna

However long the day, night will come (this too shall pass)

This kit is perfect for both beginners and advanced stitchers!

With this kit, you not only get a full instruction booklet, but links to video tutorials for each aspect of the design.

This kit also includes:




Embroidery hoop


You also have the option to order this kit without a hoop, making it cheaper and easier to post! This kit uses an 6 inch hoop. It is recommended to use a hoop while stitching, but if you already have a hoop or prefer to stitch without one, you can now buy the kit on it's own.


Don't forget, you can receive a kit straight to your door from be alice every second month by signing up to a Needle Nerd subscription. Click here for more details.

dá fhada an lá embroidery kit

PriceFrom €30.00
Expected shipping date 15th July

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