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Wedding Embroidery Ideas

Although we're still trying to navigate restrictions, wedding season is in full swing! So I thought I would share some wedding embroidery ideas with you. Whether you're wanting to commemorate the day for yourself, make a unique wedding gift, or even an anniversary gift!

Save the Date

Now you'll never forget your anniversary! Simple but very effective. The wedding date surrounded by a minimal border works really well as both a wedding and anniversary gift. And it could also be used as a Save the Date announcement. You can even make a series of important dates in the relationship.

But a word of warning - sometimes dates can change, especially this one which fell right in the middle of the pandemic!

Invitation Inspiration

Probably the best way to start designing a Wedding Embroidery is to look at the invitations the couple has sent out. It will give you an idea of the type of design, font and colours that the couple like. Or you could literally turn their invitation into a piece of embroidery, like the examples above!

Celtic Connections

Celtic Knots are very popular for wedding and anniversary designs. They're intertwining and unending. A symbol of eternal love and unity.

They can be as simple or as complicated as you want. And of course, you can add names and dates.

Floral Fancies

You really can't go wrong with florals! And ribbon florals are a great way to fill out a hoop. Again, try to find out the colour theme of the wedding or which colours the couple will like based on the invitation. Add initials, names, dates to make it extra personal.

And the Rest

And here's a couple of other wedding and anniversary designs that didn't quite fit into the above categories. I hope I've given you some inspiration for your own designs! If you'd like more tips, take a look at my post on creating your own embroidery designs.

Happy stitching!


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