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Valentine's Celtic Heart Embroideries

I want to spread the love of Hand Embroidery this Valentine's Day! If you haven't already, download your FREE Celtic Heart pattern and take some inspiration from the pieces below! This pattern is perfect for practicing some of those line stitches - there's also video tutorials for the stitches.

< Back Stitch

We'll start nice and simple with a back stitch. I've used a variegated perlé thread here, but a single colour would work just as well. Get the tutorial here.

Split Stitch >

Our next one up is a classic Split Stitch. I think this one often gets overlooked, as it's usually covered up by other techniques. It also looks very similar to Chain Stitch. Get the tutorial here.

< Cable Chain Stitch

Instead of the usual Chain Stitch, I decided to go for a little variation - Cable Chain Stitch. Get the tutorial here.

Stem Stitch >

Now on to my all time favourite stitch - stem stitch! I just love that twisted effect. Get the tutorial here.

< Knotted Stem Stitch

And now for another little variation. This is a tricky one, so I wouldn't recommend starting with it. But if you're looking for something a bit different, it's perfect! Get the tutorial here.

So tell me, are you going to try one of these stitches? Or is there one I haven't mentioned that you think would be perfect for this design? Let me know in the comments!



Looking forward to trying out the two new,to me,stitches.

Thankyou for the lovely Celtic heart pattern.


Great post. Love the variations.

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