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Things in my Embroidery Studio that Just. Make. Sense.

Whether you're wondering how to set up your own space, or just a little nosey and want to see where I work! Here are some equipment and storage solutions that make my life in the studio a little bit easier.

First up we have embroidery hoop storage. I store most of my hoops on this peg board from IKEA so that I can see what I have (or what needs to be restocked) at a glance. You'll also notice that I place the small hoops inside the bigger ones to make the most of the space.

I also have a peg board for all my other utensils above my desk - scissors, pens, notebooks, more hoops. I keep all my scraps and half-used skeins in these containers too. Separated by colour so there's at least a little bit of order to them! Peg boards are so handy to have in your workspace because you can change things up and rearrange everything as your needs change and your stash grows.

Now, although Marie Kondo did not inspire me to downsize my fabric collection, she did give me some great ideas for storing it! Each piece of fabric is folded so that they can stand side by side, and I can see what I need and pick it out very easily. My top drawer is all cotton fabrics, with linens, tweeds and felts in the second and everything else in the bottom drawer. It took a while to get this right, but I'm so glad I did it!

This next one is so simple but so effective - magnetic tape on the edge of my desk! I can place my needles and pins on here whenever I take a break from stitching and I rarely lose needles anymore. My metal ruler is also stuck on here so I always know where it is. The tape also stops things from falling off the side of my desk and into the bin.

Lastly, I want to show you my setup when working on bigger pieces of embroidery. For the very large - I have trestles. I can sit in between them and lay a large from across to stitch on. When I'm not using them to stitch at, I have a table top that lays across for extra desk space.

For smaller frames, I use table clamps with the versatile clips at my regular desk.

So what do you think? Will you be adding any of these to your own workspace?


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Great ideas Alice....I'm slowly getting there.

Enjoy your visit to Achill.

be alice
be alice
Aug 05, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Margaret 😊

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