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The Big Move

Based on feedback, along with my own feelings, I have made the decision to move from Patreon to

I will be pausing billing on Patreon from 1st July, so you will not my charged. Therefore if you wish to continue your subscription and continue receiving benefits you'll have to sign up on

You will continue to have free access to until the end of the month. But from 1st July, membership pages (blog, video libraries) will be exclusive to members. You'll notice that I have changed the tiers slightly on, so have a read through them before signing up next month.

The Patreon page will remain for the meantime and you should still be able to access it even though you're not getting charged. But I will no longer be updating it.

I hope you're all as excited about this as I am! And I hope you will all join me over at for more ramblings about my work!


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