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Q&A with Chloe Jo Designs

This month's Q&A session is with Chloe Jo McGinty of Chloe Jo Designs! We talked about how she wants to breathe new life into traditional craft and inspire new generations to come.

1.So, first of all, where are you based?

Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland.

2.What first got you into embroidery?

I first became interested in embroidery in college. I would embroider in-between classes as a hobby. I started posting the pieces I made onto Instagram back in 2015 just for fun and I got a request for a custom order. I was nervous but delighted that someone wanted me to make a unique piece for them. After that I set up my Etsy shop and website, I never thought embroidery would turn into my full time job, I love what I do everyday.

3.How did you learn to stitch?

I taught myself different stitching techniques from videos on YouTube and books.

4.What is your favourite technique?

My favourite technique is thread painting, which is also called needle painting. It's a technique that uses a combination of long and short stitches and a variety of colours to produce embroidery that has the same qualities of a painting.

5.What is your favourite subject matter?

I am influenced by the world around me, people, animals, colours. I like to think of my pieces as snapshots of everyday life that you can put yourself into. I'm currently creating embroidery pieces using the thread painting technique. There is a palette which I always find myself using, greens, browns, and blues.

6.Why do you stitch?

I stitch because I think it's important to take time to create something with your own two hands. Embroidery encourages me to sit down, breathe and ease into an evening of creativity and relaxation. The repetitive nature makes it a great way to switch off from the outside world and become engrossed in creating something.

I started Modern Maker Club January 2020 during Covid as I found it difficult to find modern crafty subscription boxes for adults. Modern Maker Club is a quarterly craft box delivered to your door and contains all the necessary materials needed to complete each project. All projects include a booklet with easy to understand instructions and photos to show you how to create them from start to finish. Materials are of high quality and from 100% natural sources wherever possible. Each box is inspired by the seasons and includes three crafty projects such as embroidery, hand stitching, macrame, air dry clay, punch needle and also includes treats.

If you'd like to learn more about Chloe Jo and her work, you can find her here:

Instagram: @chloejodesigns


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