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Isis Day 1

Spent a lot of time on Isis today. I wasn't sure whether to add the paint or not but eventually decided to go ahead and I think I made the right choice 😄 It's an acrylic paint mixed with textile medium. I find there's a much wider range of colours with acrylic paints than fabric paints (at least here in Dublin). So I use acryllics instead of trying to mix the right colours all the time. Textile medium is a liquid you mix with other paints to make them suitable for fabric.

The circle is all French Knots. It took a while but I really love the texture this creates! Using DMC 21 - 3 strands in a size 7 embroidery needle. Then seed stitch on top of the painted sections, again 3 strands in a no.7 with DMC 315. There are tutorials for both of these in the Video Library.

I think this piece will really focus more on different textures you can achieve with stitch


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