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How to Display your Embroidery

Have you ever finished a piece of embroidery, been really proud of it and then thought - what now? Well I'm here to tell you! Below is a list of different ways to display embroidered works whether you're selling, gifting or displaying for yourself.

be alice is not linked with any of the products/sellers listed, the following are all personal recommendations not advertisements.


The simplest way (and in my opinion, the best) to display your embroidery is in an embroidery hoop. You can find a tutorial on finishing the back of your hoop here. Once the back is finished, there are a few options for displaying a hoop.

The first is by attaching ribbon or string to the screw at the top of the hoop. Simple, easy, and colour co-ordinated. Now your hoop can be hung on a photo hook, a peg board, or even a Christmas tree.

If you'd like a more polished look, try finishing your embroidery in a flexi hoop. These hoops are better suited for display than for working in. They're plastic but with a wood-look finish, and they come with a loop on the top for hanging, so no ribbon needed.

Or take it one step further with these embroidery hoop frames by Donal Cleary, now available in the be alice shop. Simply slot your finished hoop in the back and off you go!

Hoop Stands

If you don't want to hang your hoop, there are a number of stands you can use to display it instead. The following stands are perfect for displaying your embroidery on a table, sideboard or shelf.

This mobile phone holder from IKEA

A plate display stand - available here

These ornament stands - black ones available in the shop and gold ones from Buddly Crafts

Modern Hoopla also stock stands for your hoop that allow you to hide the screw fixing.

Frame it

Embroidery is essentially a picture, right? So why not put it in a picture frame? You will need to stretch your piece over some card/board to keep it's shape. I also recommend picking a frame before you start to stitch so that you know the piece will fit. Regular frames are great for pieces with fairly flat stitches.

Box frames are brilliant for embroidery that has a bit of depth to it. You can even mount the embroidery hoop inside the frame!

Of course, you can also support a small business and head to your local framer. They'll be able to stretch and mount your embroidery, and make a frame to fit your unique specifications.

Hang it

Larger embroidered works can be backed and hung like a tapestry. You can add loops across the top and hang it from a pole/rod/stick attached to the wall. Or, more simply, use a mount with magnetic grip and a string to hang from. I got these from H&M.

If you've got some more suggestions for displaying your work, comment below or email


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I'm bookmarking this, these are great suggestions and beautiful examples!

be alice
be alice
Jun 12, 2021
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Thanks Susan 😁

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