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personalised pieces

Double click on the images to see them more clearly and to get an idea of the cost. 

ogham lettering
Ogham with flowers


Is there a special date you want to remember? Did your sister get married this year? Was the first grandchild of the family born? When did you first meet your partner? Now you'll never forget that wonderful day! 


What's more personal than a name? Whether its for a child, you best friend, or your granny - there's a style to suit! Or you could really mix it up and get their name in ancient ogham writing. 

Lisa & James
Save the Date
Anne & Jim
Cormac & Yvonne
For happy tears
Lilibeth & Donal
The World is your Lobster
Family Tree
Home Sweet Home
Family Plant
Mo cheol thú

got your own idea?

What's your aunt's favourite animal? Does your cousin have a catchphrase? How about getting the whole family involved? Tell me what you'd like to have hanging on your wall and I can make it happen!

For even more ideas, go to the commissions page, or check out my instagram. To order a personalised piece, or even just talk about some ideas you have, email or come along to one of the markets listed above

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